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Green, fast
and super efficient

ILGON is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform and ecosystem with endless possibilities.

The ILGON mainnet has officially launched on the 3rd of January 2021



ILGON is a fresh, green and super efficient Ethereum-based, centralized blockchain system for consumer, business and educational blockchain users. Our development is ready to handle your own tokens, coins, offchain storages, smart and staking contracts, and various dApps. ILGON is a green ecosystem: it works without high energy consumption with no compromises: our ultra fast network is available to handle 200 transactions per seconds, and one transaction takes no more than 5 seconds each.

ILGON benefits

Why use ILGON?
  • Low energy cost means low transaction fees
  • You can create your own tokens, coins and smart contracts by a few clicks on ILGON platform
  • You can store your data ILGON DCB 2.0 offchain platform

ILGON mobile app

Gateway for on-the-go access to the ILGON Ecosystem.

Use WalletConnect to access your digital assets while keeping your private keys secure