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What is ILG bridging?

Bridging a token means transferring its value between two separate networks, blockchains. For this to happen, the user has to send an amount of the tokens it wishes to swap to the address of a smart contract. The smart contract that the tokens are sent to is designed to accept these tokens and return the wrapped equivalent of these tokens to the recipient, subtracting a given amount of swap fees.

If you wish to convert your ILG to WILG:

You can exchange WILG to ILG and back and forth using the ILGON bridge ( This includes a small fee, that depends on the direction of the given swap. You can use the ILGON bridge with your Metamask wallet or with any non-custodial wallet.

Swap tokens using your Metamask:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Swap tokens with Metamask”
  • Choose the right option with the token you wish to swap.
  • Enter the amount of tokens you wish to swap into the input field. The interface displays your current balance on the given blockchain. It also calculates the final amount of the asset that is required for the transaction, since there is a swap fee for bridging.
  • Clicking on the ‘Send’ button directs you to the Metamask transaction interface, where the swap can be finalized.

Swap tokens using other digital wallets:

  • Click on "Swap tokens with other digital wallets”
  • Choose the right option with the token you wish to swap.
  • The QR-code contains the address of the bridge contract that is responsible for the swap between the two tokens. In order to make the swap happen, scan the QR-code with your apps scanner and pick the ‘Send to this address’ option.
  • After setting this address as the recipient for the transaction, you can set the amount of tokens to see the swap fee.
  • As there are swap fees associated with token-bridging, you will have to include that in the amount that you are setting in your wallet’s transaction interface. In our bridge application, there is a calculator that calculates the amount of tokens you have to send to the bridge contract in order to receive the desired amount of tokens you are swapping for. After using the calculator, you can use its result in the transaction you are creating through your wallet application.