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What is Ilgon Tools?

Ilgon tools is a platform of applications mostly relevant to Ilgon blockchain, with some other exciting and convenient functionalities. You can access these functions by connecting to your Metamask wallet through your web browser.

Applications on Ilgon Tools:

Add Network: On this interface, you can conveniently add new networks to your Metamask wallet. Choose the name of the network you wish to add, then proceed to the Metamask pop-up window.

Token Factory: On this interface you can easily create all sorts of ERC-20 and BEP-20 standard tokens. Choose the network you wish to mint the tokens to, select the type that suits you best, then provide the required parameters, to finish the minting.

Token Manager: You can manage the coins that you created with our Token Factory application on this interface.

Bridge: Select the blockchains, that you want to bridge your coins betweens, then enter the amount you wish to transfer.

PancakeSwap: On this interface, you can swiflty buy WILG from Ethereum's Pancake swap, through its embedded trading utility.

Multisig Wallet: You can create and manage Multi-Signature wallets on the Ilgon blockchain on this interface.