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Was there a private sale? Public sale? Or both?

There has only been a private sale of ILG, where 60M ILG tokens were sold.

How many coins were sold in total?

60 million tokens were sold through a private sale, and some on the exchanges.

How many coins are available to the public?

The total token supply is ILG.

The circulating token supply is ILG.

Is there a public rich-list (coin-holder distribution table) available?

You can find the largest holders on

How many coins were privately allocated?
Initial coin-distribution:

Holder Amount Wallet Address
1 Early investors 0x925Fa4a9bD034E4E1280Dc19d5271A8cCe9E2e23
2 Dev. fund. 0x849ADabED264CD8B21E0aEA14Fe77893a0d6a5fc
3 Education fund 0x2a82f4DBC80fadc2191B3B8F448dC5133840E1e4
4 Charity fund. 0xA59773D4DC028C04EEa96658443CBA91b98179cA
5 Employee wages 0xfe0de8f2D0F647621b1087c5D144c826409D3443
6 Staking Reserve 0x57ae0BAE66277C2266074442be2C2214F3f483bF
7 Marketing fund. 0xA79ed58d354C2d5C4C284F10a78Cc948E74Ef802
8 Project funding 0x47CB7d3727c17906e220b042aAa4b7F7F5E6C23A
9 Liquidity funding 0x7334667a61E919405a3986C1b2D51259Ce34bE19