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Mobil Wallet Update

Dear ILG holders and ILGON users!

Our mobile wallet has seen been updated lately, to deliver a more convenient and user friendly experience to its users!

Some of our newest and most spectacular features are:

Address book contacts: You can now initiate transactions with the help of a new addressbook interface.

Internal transactions: All the internal transactions are now included in the transaction history of your wallet.

MetaMask QR Code Recognition: The mobile wallet now recognizes all QR code format information from your Metamask wallet.

Polygon network integration: The Polygon testnet and mainnet are now accessible from the mobile wallet.

ILGON management

Budapest, 17 December 2021


Dear ILG holders and ILGON users!

As we announced on 16 July 2021, the largest ILG holder (early investor, see tokenomics) had offered to exchange IlCoin to (W)ILG for its customers. The transaction has already finished and considerable amount of (W)ILG went to private holders.

The new (W)ILG holders can unlimitedly trade with their (W)ILGs from 6 Oct 2021. We have no control over what effect this will have on the (W)ILG exchange rate.

ILGON management

Budapest, 04 October 2021


As we agreed with WhiteBIT, the exchange has started delisting (and shot down trading with) ILG.

All registered ILG holders are to receive the following WhiteBIT email:

Time to withdraw your funds!

Dear user!

Ilgon (ILG) is currently in the process of delisting from WhiteBIT. Deposits and trading of this asset are disabled, and all active orders have been automatically canceled. 

On the 03rd of August (12 p.m. UTC), the withdrawals will be closed, and Ilgon (ILG) will be delisted from the exchange.
You will be able to withdraw all your assets till the 03rd of August. 

WhiteBIT shall not be responsible for assets that haven't been withdrawn before the mentioned date.  

To withdraw funds, you need to: 

  • Go to Spot Balance.
  • Find the currency you want to withdraw and click the Withdrawal button next to it.
  • Enter the address and amount.
  • Click “Withdrawal request”.  

The minimal withdrawal amount and withdrawal fee have been decreased to allow all users to withdraw their funds. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

Withdraw now

Best regards, 

WhiteBIT Team

Please follow the instructions to withdraw your funds. The withdrawal is free of charge.

We have been developing the requirements necessary to be listed on a well-known and safe public DEX (decentralized exchange).

We will let you know the details as soon as possible.

ILGON management

Budapest 2021.07.20


Despite the distutbing circumstances around its’s unscheduled maintenance VinDAX Exchange trading has resumed on Saturday. We still urge all ILG holders to withdraw their holdings to their private wallet as soon as possible. ILGON will soon be available on an exchange where all users can trade safely.

ILGON management

Budapest, 2021. 07. 19.


Dear ILG holders and ILGON users!

Due to some recent developments around ILGON and the general market, ILGON management is issuing the following statement to inform respected ILG holders and ILGON users.

  1. ILGON’s management is a group of professionals with the role and responsibility to ensure the operation and development of the ILGON network at the highest standards, and also to provide for the services described in the whitepaper and on our official communication channels.
  2. We have to inform you about some recent developments that we have become aware of, which will have direct influence on ILGON's presence, position and strategy regarding cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. We are actively monitoring the situation around VINDAX, one of the exchanges listing ILG, that has been unavailable for several days. While VINDAX claims that maintenance is being carried out on the system, we suspect this might be an exit scam. There are also reports and other indications on the Internet that confirm this. We will keep track of what is happening and keep our followers informed on our       website and social channels.
  4. However the situation develops in the future, ILGON's management has taken the decision to move away from VINDAX exchange to a more reliable exchange. For those who have had ILGs on VINDAX, ILGON’s management ensures you that our holders will not suffer any damage if it is indeed an exit scam.
  5. We are aware that the largest ILG holder has offered to exchange IlCoin to ILG for its customers. We have no control over what effect this will have on the ILG exchange rate.
  6. The other exchange where ILG is listed, WhiteBit, is by all indications a stable well performing exchange. However, we have decided and started to move to an exchange where holders and their ILG can not be exposed to any perceived or real malicious actions.
  7. We urge our existing and future partners to make their decisions about ILGON based on official information only. We encourage those who hold their ILG on the WhiteBit exchange to move them into their private ILGON wallet.
  8. Services and availability of the ILGON ecosystem are in no way affected by the above events.

We will keep you informed of any further developments through our official channels.

ILGON management

Budapest, 2021. 07. 16.