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As Chief Technology Officer of ILGON Technologies, Peter is the lead developer and software architect behind the ILGON vision. He leads and manages the project’s technical team (of over ten people) and is responsible for keeping the highest technical standards and security measures.

He holds master’s degrees in Economics, Information Technology Engineering, as well as Biomedical Engineering.

From a very young age, Peter has been obsessed with computers and informatics. He held various IT positions throughout his professional career, including DevOps, Development, and C-level technical roles.

Peter has an in-depth understanding of financial markets and economics and has been actively trading since the mid-2000s. Entered the crypto-sphere as a miner - before the ASIC revolution, back in 2012, and still holds onto his early 5970 relics. Witnessed the rise and fall of Mt.Gox, the DAO hack, and has been an active participant of the sector ever since.

As the lead developer of Dynamic Laboratories, he has acquired an exceptional understanding of blockchain technologies. Working with Ethereum and Stellar for years, designing and operating blockchain applications and crypto-financial solutions for clients, Peter and his partner Attila mutually concluded that legacy blockchains cannot meet current market demands. And that there’s a solution that needs to be found.

Driven by the will to innovate, Peter and Attila together venture, and drive the ILGON vision to consumers and corporations, households and industry, and to organisations and institutions - globally.