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As founder and Chief Executive Officer of ILGON Technologies, Attila is responsible for the vision, coordination, and development of ILGON.

He holds a degree in Wealth and Asset Management from the International Training Center for Bankers, Budapest, and has extensive work experience in the technology sector.

He is an educator at heart. Attila developed the blockchain curriculum for Milton Friedman University, and he is a resident lecturer at Corvinus University and the International Training Center for Bankers. He founded the Blokktatás (Block-education) non-profit educational group, the Mensa HungarIQa Blockchain Research Group, and the Mensa International (the oldest global high IQ society) Blockchain Research Group.

Between 2004 and 2006, his company was commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics and Communications and played a significant role in developing the nationwide e-Hungary access point network that at the time provided internet access to socially disadvantaged young individuals and to underdeveloped regions.

In 2018, he founded the blockchain consulting and development company Dynamic Laboratories and worked on many experimental blockchain applications (Wedding on Blockchain, StellarFish, Minereon) and crypto-financial solutions.

After working with Ethereum and Stellar for years, Attila and his partner Peter Molnar realised that current networks have to be redesigned to serve both corporate and end-user needs now.

With the arrival of the right moment to the project, the concept is coming to life in the present moment as The ILGON Nation-state Ecosystem.